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2020-01-07 23:39  www.sghunter.com


While many parts of china are amazed by the gorgeous patterns and aerial writing of drones, drones are increasingly launching deadly military attacks in the middle east.


In a sense, it marks a whole new era for war, as the way it has changed subversively. But the great danger is what we, especially in the future, have to face.


In the early hours of january 3rd, at baghdad international airport, u.s. drones locked in two target vehicles and fired \"hellfire\" missiles to destroy them. The eight were targeted, with two heavyweights, a deputy commander of the Iraqi Shiite militia, the People's Mobilization Organization, who personally greeted guests at the airport, Mohammadis, and a top commander of the elite Iranian Revolutionary Guard unit, the Al-Quds Brigade, Maj. Gen. Sulaimani.


The U.S. cleared al-Qaeda spiritual leader bin Laden in 2011, and ISIS leader Al-Baghdadi in 2018, all of which sent out sizeable special forces, armed with multiple helicopters, into the room and launched an attack.


I worked in Jerusalem at the height of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Israel frequently launches targeted clearances, such as the removal of hamas spiritual leader yasin and his successor, lantisi, in which israeli warplanes launch missiles that directly destroy targets.


On September 14 last year, another far-reaching drone strike occurred in the Middle East. According to media accounts, at least 10 drone strikes were launched against saudi \"the world's largest oil processing facility\" and a mega-oil field.


As a result, half of Saudi oil capacity was suspended and international oil prices soared. Although Saudi Arabia claims that it is not the Houthi forces, but Iran, that are the real targets.


It is worth noting that al-qaeda tried to attack the facility through a human bomb in 2006 but was dismantled by security forces. The human bomb failed to complete the mission, the drone finally succeeded.


1, ensuring zero casualties. The war is definitely about to die, and sending out ground troops means high risk and casualties; even fighter jets, don't forget, the more advanced american warplanes have a history of being shot down in places such as the confederate, and the pilots fall into the enemy, and the result will be very passive.


Zero casualties mean lower costs of war. After all, for the United States, life is priceless, not just morally, a soldier wounded, and later care and subsidies are astronomical. Reducing the presence of soldiers is also a major saving on military spending.


3. Launching an attack is more desirable. As long as people, in the battlefield, there will inevitably be psychological fluctuations, violent psychological fluctuations, not only affect the combat effectiveness, but also lead to the reversal of the battlefield situation. The drone is different, the operator is far away from the battlefield, can launch the attack more easily and rationally.


It is precisely to see the great advantages of drones that the United States has begun to build unmanned submarines, and even I estimate that it will not be long before robots will appear on a large scale in war.


The previous war, all human war, a war, often kill thousands of miles, dead million; but the future of the war, the battlefield may be no one, no weapons to attack the city, targeted clearance.


UAV operators away from the battlefield, they are like gamers, can work during the day to carry out the \"clear\" mission, evening driving off work to enjoy family life, and normal white-collar no different.


They don't have to face up to the blood, and naturally they don't have enough awe of death. A missile, for him or her, may just press a button, and he can drink coffee and fire a missile to determine the lives and deaths of dozens or even hundreds of people.


The movie Eye of the Sky is like we show the cruelty of drone clearance. In fact, in today's Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, drone strikes have indeed greatly reduced American casualties, but indiscriminate attacks have resulted in large numbers of innocent civilians on the ground.


For the strong, it may not be necessary to deploy large-scale ground forces, but also to change the pattern of war with millions of dead bodies and a bloodbath; but for the beaten side, it means more unpredictable attacks and more brutal killings.


\"It seemed like an assassination for Hollywood: low-flying drones, mid-air blasts, presidential and first lady dodges for cover, thousands of lined soldiers fleeing everywhere, all of which are broadcast live to the nation,\" the New York Times described at the time.


In November 2017, the drone company StratoEnergys released a miniature drone weapon, Stinger. According to the introduction, the new weapon, smaller than the palm of the adult, with a small bomb, its camera, can automatically face recognition, once confirmed that the other side is the target, can quickly \"explode \".


In other words, as long as the target is entered into the attack program, this intelligent micro weapon, like a flying bullet, can automatically find and find the target, and carry out 360 degree no dead angle attack.


Strato Energytics confidently declares that humans no longer need to prepare coffins for brave patriots, and that now artificial intelligence is doing all their work, and that our autonomous weapons are small, fast, accurate and unstoppable.


Before, Jing Ke stabbed the king of Qin, must close to fight, with a short sword; later, the Serbs assassinated Archduke Ferdinand, with a pistol, cannot be too far; after the assassination, really may be to kill the invisible AI drone.


It's not just a battlefield weapon, it's not just a threat to politicians, and if technology is spread and even falls into the hands of terrorists, you can imagine the disaster. Shopping malls fighting, love scenes, terrorist activities, with drones to solve, think are terrible.


Mankind, hundreds of years ago, could hardly have imagined that a war that would have been won or lost by a sword, spear and arrow, would have been completely altered by pistols and bombs; perhaps it would be hard to have imagined that such a cluster of drones, unmanned ships, and robots, would have revolutionized the form of war.


For the United States, with its most advanced drones, long-range attacks are easy. So the u. s.has frequently dispatched drones to clear the area, including, more recently, iran's general, sulemani.


After all, Suleimani is not bin Laden, not al-Baghdadi, he is not the acknowledged leader of a terrorist organization, he is the leader of a national army. If, by force of arms, a country can openly physically destroy its other leader, what will the United Nations and the International Tribunal do. Is this targeted clearance another type of State terrorism?


And, after all, asymmetrical warfare. The strong have the advantage of the strong, but the low cost of the small drone will also make the former weak opponent more powerful than ever.


Like the battle between Saudi and Yemeni Houthi forces, Saudi Arabia is no doubt a dominant force in terms of economic and military power, but after years of war, Houthi forces seem to have fought more and more aggressively, and frequently use drones to launch attacks on Saudi targets, and it is a cluster attack, which Saudis cannot prevent.


Although \"no one \", but most of the time still need artificial operation; but inevitably, as artificial intelligence becomes more and more advanced, considering the speed of human response and the probability of error, more operations by drones, unmanned ships and even robots to complete automatically.


This could lead to a more terrible situation:once the war machine of human life and death is in hand, suddenly, intelligence to the collective``insurrection'' , what do we do?


Human beings have invented unmanned weapons, and unmanned weapons have turned into cheap killing machines, and the evolution of killing weapons will bring more cold-blooded battlefields. The future of mankind may be facing a more frightening future.