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New longitude and weft client january 3(weiwei) is only three weeks away from the spring festival, many office workers are already in the countdown home, migrant workers working hard in the city, also looking forward to the day of reunion with their families. After a year of hard work, it was supposed to be a purse drum to go home, but some migrant workers are still looking for a salary and running around.


Recently, a number of migrant workers to the new longitude and weft client reflected the problem of unpaid wages, some of them by the boss defaulted on nearly a year's wages, some around no response, some do not even know the name of the company.


From November 15,2019 to the 2020 Spring Festival, the campaign to tackle the winter problem of unpaid wages is under way across the country. A satisfactory result for migrant workers who have been underpaid is the eagerness of everyone this winter.


I resigned from the factory on September 26,2019, from January to resignation, the middle only gave July, August two months salary, the rest of the salary did not pay a cent, social security is also broken.


When the four of us went to resign, the boss asked us why? We say, because you're in arrears. Later, the boss said, wait half a month to pay your salary.


The factory pays the salary on the 15th of each month, that day I went to the factory with the worker to get the salary, the boss said no. To the 20th, and no money. Finally, by the end of the month, my workmate went to the factory and the boss patted the table and said to her,\" You have come to me. You can sue me if you like.


When I first came to the factory, the boss wasn't like that. Five years ago, I came from my hometown in anhui to work in shanghai. I first worked in another factory. After I met a fellow farmer who worked in this food factory, I was introduced here.


In the first two years, the boss has been very creditworthy, not only to pay wages, but also to pay \"three risks\" for employees. Factory busiest time is July, August, in order to catch the Mid-Autumn Festival moon cakes, a day to work a dozen hours, a month can earn more than 7,000 yuan. But a month's wages are more than 2,000 when there's no work in the off-season.


In a twinkling of an eye, in 2019, the factory began to default on wages again. In April, my labor contract expired, I also thought about whether to resign, but because of the introduction of the country, the boss also said that our company has a lot of prospects, in addition to making moon cakes can make other food, will gradually get better, until the Mid-Autumn Festival to sell all moon cakes, earn money, will pay January to the present. I believed him, so I renewed my contract and worked on it.


In July, August, before the Mid-Autumn Festival, I worked hard for another two months, but in September I only paid these two months'wages, and the other money was still not paid. I don't think he's trustworthy, so he quit with a couple of workers.


Later, we went to the shanghai jiading district labor security inspection brigade to tell, a staff member received us, we told the staff, he said the results of the complaint will wait 60 working days. We are migrant workers, understand nothing, others say what to do, and then go back to wait for the results.


After a while, I went over to ask how things were handled, and the staff said it was out of their hands. Later, another staff member introduced us to jiading new town (ma lu town) labor personnel dispute mediation center, the staff here is also very good attitude, asked us a lot of questions, but also helped us call to ask. After that, we decided to sue the court, but we didn't know which court to go to.


I have changed a job now, still have to go to work every day, also have no time to go to each department to complain, wait for me to get off work, the staff also got off work, we rest on Saturday and Sunday, people also don't go to work, sometimes have to ask for leave to go.


The staff that receives us also said, can ask for salary depends on your boss, if boss has conscience give you money, boss has no conscience, we also have no way.


I am doing carpentry, in July 2018, I work on this project in Yongshun International, Shan County, Heze, Shandong Province, and work under the contractor. Early to do the outer line of the building edge, late to do the building and the building between the intersection belt, but also a few days to do the work.


At first the foreman paid well, but in the end he didn't give the four or five thousand, and he said he had no money. At the end of 2018, he said he had paid after the year, and the result was now 2020, not yet.


Yongshun International started its first phase in 2015, and the project sold very well, and then the second phase, which also sold. Now is the third phase, since last July, August began to do secondary structure, to now has not finished, the main body has not been accepted. Heard that the chain of funds broken, developers do not give contractors money, contractors do not give small contractor money, people to stop work, do not give him.


In fact, we migrant workers the most boss cannot take the boss, and cannot seize the boss hit, you hit him still break the law, you do not use him, he said no money. The contractor always said that the developer does not give the contractor money, the contractor does not give me money, what I give you money.


I have also been to lawyers, labor arbitration departments and courts, the other side will ask me, what evidence do you have that you work there? Why don't you sign the contract?


Migrant workers work in the construction site, sometimes a day or two finished, the other side cannot sign a contract with you. Although not to sign a contract, the boss generally admit to owe money, but is no money to you.


It's too hard for migrant workers to ask for money, and it's better now. In fact, there was another construction site also owed more than 10,000 wages. That site started to do around July 2018, the contractor said that the site 7 immediately capped,10 floors for a node to pay us, the result of the contractor directly took the money to run the road. A dozen of our workers complained to the housing bureau, the mayor's hotline, finally the government came forward to help us coordinate, the contractor called us, also signed, although the money is not yet, but also soon heard. If such a small contractor had run away, the money wouldn't have come back.


I have no money on my body now, is to borrow money to spend, a person to support his wife and children a family of four people, the site work a day about 300 yuan. The construction site from November to March of the following year basically stopped work, a year can only do half a year of work, work a month 30 days can actually only do 25 days, how much money can be earned? Hope that the arrears of wages to get quickly, the payment of money owed to others, a good year for the family.


My hometown is in Handan City, Hebei Province, in September this year, I looked for a job in QQ city recruitment, see an intermediary company is recruiting security, went to apply. The company has people from all over the country applying for security every day at the Jiushuruidu International Center in Tongzhou District, Beijing.


The company's people told me that if I work here, I need to practice for half a month, while I do the security certificate, with this certificate to be eligible for the post, and then I can be transferred to the reservoir, scenic spots and other official units to do security, the first month salary of 5500 yuan, the second month salary of 6500 yuan.


I think the company is big enough to sign a labor contract with them. The company first arranged for me to practice in Mazhuang for half a month, and then sent me to Huangcun railway station patrol. I asked them how the security card was done, and they said they were doing it.


Then I felt something was wrong. Half a month passed, they didn't help me arrange the official work, today let me work as a security guard in one place, tomorrow arranged to go to another place. I asked, what about the reservoir, the work of the scenic area? The other side said, there is no shortage of people over there, there is no way to arrange.


Later, I called the company's personnel team responsible for paying the manager Tian, he initially said 15 to pay me, and then to 25, and then dragged to the end of the month, until now has not paid me.


Every day I asked the manager on WeChat, when can I settle the salary, he always said,\" tomorrow to you.\" I don't believe him anymore. Now send him a message, WeChat will be prompted to say that the other side may have fraud, perhaps someone reported him.


In retrospect, I was careless, saw several people come to apply for a job, thinking that so many people come here every day, should be all right, and now a lot of people are like what happened to me, call them to ask for salary do not give. I also reflected the situation to the relevant departments, but the original contract they all took away, I only have wechat chat records and phone recording.


Many workers have given up asking for pay, back home, I don't want to give up, this is my hard work for two months in exchange for the salary, how can say do not want? !


Last year, after being introduced, I met a boss yang of henan, who said he had contracted the main part of the two buildings of the far city project in tianjin's baodi district from the second bureau of china construction.


After the Chinese New Year in 2019, I will go back to Tianjin. The boss Yang asked a labor company to let me sign a contract with other workers, and then we went to work on the project site in Dacheng. After part of my work in September, the boss still owed me more than 20,000, when he said he would pay on November 30th. On that day, we checked the bank card and didn't get the money.


I asked boss Yang when to give the money, he said next Friday, wait until Friday, he said next Friday, the result of the current outstanding wages have not been paid. So far, a dozen of us have been in arrears with our wages.


Originally, after the completion of the project in Tianjin, I went to Guiyang, while working on the site, while waiting for boss Yang to pay, but he has been dragging, so I had to resign from the site over there, specially run back to Tianjin to ask for money.


At first, we found boss Yang, who said he had no money. We went to a labor company, and the labor company said there was no money. We went to the second inning, and the staff said they had paid the other party. We asked boss Yang what was going on. He said he hadn't received the money. No way, we went to Baodi District Management Committee and other departments, staff said will help us deal with. Later in the second inning of China also called us to understand the situation, and then no news.


We've looked everywhere we looked. On january 1st, my workmates and I were still on the floor. The canteen is closed, and the shops around it are closed. It takes a long way to go out for dinner. There is no air conditioning in the room, I came from Guiyang did not have time to bring quilts, the night is so cold. Now the family is very worried about me, but did not get the money, no face to go home.


There is no source of income other than this site this year. Guiyang side of the construction site has not finished, I would have liked to go back to work, but in order to get wages cannot do.


Postscript: In the past month, a total of 6654 cases of unpaid wages have been handled in various localities, with a total of 10,000 migrant workers paying 100 million yuan. According to data monitored by the National Bureau of Statistics, the rate of migrant workers'unpaid wages in 2008 was 4%, in 2018 it was about%, and the goal in 2020 was to achieve a basic non-delinquencies.


In the course of the interview, some migrant workers to call the new weft reporter, has not opened the mouth has been sobbing, listen to them tell the story of pay, also feel that migrant workers are not easy. The reasons for unpaid wages are millions, but migrant workers have worked hard all year, sincerely hope that they can get their own \"hard-earned money\" as soon as possible, happy to go home to celebrate the New year. (APP)