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Heavy fog grounds flights in the Netherlands

THE HAGUE: Heavy fog over the Netherlands forced at least one airport to close its runways and divert inbound flights on Sunday (Dec 16), leaving thousands of passengers stranded, the airports and news reports said.

The southern Eindhoven internationa…

Explosion at Japan restaurant injures 42

Fires broke out following the incident in the northern city of Sapporo, Kyodo news agency said, and images from the scene showed large flames and plumes of smoke rising in the night air.

Doubles for Poulsen and Werner as Leipzig thrash Mainz

BERLIN: Yussuf Poulsen and Timo Werner scored twice each as RB Leipzig crushed Mainz 05 4-1 on Sunday to tighten their grip on fourth place in the Bundesliga.

Poulsen completed his double in the space of five minutes early in the first half while Wern…

Football: Hazard keeps Chelsea in title hunt at Brighton

BRIGHTON: Chelsea put a week of negative headlines for the behaviour of their fans behind them on the field thanks to an inspired Eden Hazard in a 2-1 victory at Brighton on Sunday (Dec 16).

The Belgian provided his ninth assist of the season for Pedr…

Dozens injured in explosion at Sapporo restaurant: Reports

SAPPORO: A large explosion at a restaurant in the northern Japanese city of Sapporo on Sunday (Dec 16) causing damage to the building and nearby structures.

More than 40 customers are estimated to have been inside the restaurant during the incident, …

Thousands march in Brussels against UN migration pact

Thousands of people marched in Brussels on Sunday against a U.N. pact aimed at fostering cooperation on migration, eclipsing a smaller demonstration in support of the deal, the signing of which brought down Belgium’s government last week.

After rare misfire, Kremlin set to win regional vote

MOSCOW: A Kremlin-backed candidate is on track to be governor of a region on Russia’s Pacific coast, voting results showed on Sunday, after an election process in which the opposition had threatened the Kremlin’s usually tight grip on power.

Sunday’s …

Function 8 asks State Court explain why Leong rejected as bailor resulting in longer lock-up for TOC Editor

Civic group Function 8 issued a public statement on its Facebook page yesterday (15 Dec) asking the State Court to explain why Mr Leong Sze Hian was rejected as a bailor for Mr Terry Xu, the TOC Editor who is currently being prosecuted by the State for criminal defamation. In Sep, TOC published an article …

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The US oil industry’s dirty little secret

The oil industry engaged in a secret public relations campaign to undermine US fuel economy standards, according to a new investigation from the New York Times. One of the main actors was the largest oil refiner in the country, Marathon Petroleum. Mara…

Man arrested over cash tossed on Hong Kong street: Reports

A man said to have tossed cash from the top of a building in Hong Kong, sparking a frenzy, was arrested on Sunday (Dec 16), reports said.

Wong Ching-kit, who is also known as “Coin Young Master”, live-streamed his arrest on Facebook.

On Sunday after…

Earthquake rocks Indonesia’s Papua

JAKARTA: A 6.1-magnitude earthquake hit Papua, in eastern Indonesia Sunday (Dec 16), US seismologists said, but no tsunami warning was issued.

The quake was about 158km south-southwest of the province’s capital Jayapura at 6.42pm local time (0942 GMT)…

Sri Lanka reinstates ousted prime minister

Sri Lanka’s sacked prime minister Ranil Wickremesinghe was reinstated Sunday, his party said, ending a 51-day crisis that had paralysed the island nation and pushed it towards debt default.

Coinbase and the Awkwardness of Growing Up

Noelle Acheson is a veteran of company analysis and member of CoinDesk’s product team. The following article originally appeared in Institutional Crypto by CoinDesk, a newsletter for the institutional market, with news and views on crypto infrastructur…

Is there honour and dignity in leaders suing their own citizens?

Political leaders distinguish themselves by making people’s lives better. The good and great ones are celebrated for uplifting spirits and well-being, leaving behind the legacy of a kinder, more tolerant, inclusive and gracious society. No leader is ever admired for going in the opposite direction – inflicting pain by suing until pants drop (to borrow …

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How To Deal With Friends Who Are Big Spenders

With about 183,737 millionaires and over a thousand of insanely rich people in Singapore, you will come across some big spenders in your lifetime. Some of these people may be considered as your friends. How can you socialize with these people, if you cannot spend money as freely as they can? KEEPING UP WITH THE NEIGHBORS When you are surrounded with rich friends who love to splurge, it is understandable to feel envious at times. However, you must not linger excessively

Damascus prepares for Christmas without mortar fire

DAMASCUS: Christmas decorations are going up for the first time in years in a Damascus neighbourhood that was a frontline in Syria’s war until government forces wiped out the last rebel enclaves in the capital earlier this year.

“Christmas preparation…

Commentary: Students aren’t learning enough – a brewing crisis in higher education

CONNECTICUT: There is a crisis in American undergraduate higher education requiring a shift away from spurious magazine rankings, unacceptable graduation rates, inequitable admissions selectivity, rising costs, and administrative and faculty inefficiency to a more fundamental problem: Students do not learn enough in college, period. This higher learning crisis is not unique to the United States, […]

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Coal mine accident in China kills 7: Report

BEIJING: A coal mine accident in China’s southwestern city of Chongqing killed seven workers and injured three, state-owned Xinhua news agency reported on Sunday (Dec 16).

The workers at the Fengchun coal mine under the Chongqing Energy Group were kil…

Top 10 countries the super-rich call home

Aggregate global wealth grew by $14 trillion, hitting an enormous figure of $317 trillion over the 12 months through the end of October, according to latest Global Wealth Report, revealed by Credit Suisse’s Research Institute. The growth rate of …