As the nation gears up for the upcoming elections, many more Singaporeans will be voicing out on the critical issues of today. As a fellow Singaporean I would like to take this chance to contribute to this helpful dialogue and voice out my views as a undergraduate, on the critical issues that I think many other undergraduates also face.

Many of us will be stepping into the work force in a few years and I feel that we are most concerned about the conditions of the labour market now and in the immediate future. Many locals have rightly pointed out, competition in the labour market has been rising to unprecedented levels year after year. Another related issue is the wage depression caused indirectly by this increase in competition. Competition in and of itself is a good thing, after all competition is one reason why workers will strive to improve themselves, but the problem comes in when locals take a back seat compared to non-locals on a major scale. As a local undergrad this is extremely worrisome, and to make matters worse, the Government seems unrelenting in their pursuit of “importing” even more non-locals to flood the labour market.

Fortunately, all hope is not lost. Some people have actually proposed restrictions on who we allow in to our country thus slowing the massive inflow of non-locals, which at the same time corrects the issue of wage depression. Who are those courageous few who proposed this change when everyone of significance seemed to be of one mind? They are the men and women from the Reform Party. Personally I feel that they have managed to connect with potential job seekers like me and have proposed positive changes to one of the most pressing issues to job seekers in the whole country.

Even though this is not the only issue that RP proposed changes for, they have shown me, with just this single issue that RP focuses more on the well-being of the individual, and that gives me a certain amount of reassurance as it reminds us that students are not forgotten in the overall scheme of things. Isn’t that what governments exist for? To serve the people and carry out their collective will? To me RP has given me hope that one day we could go back to that mandate and that our voices are no longer ignored.

Some self-introduction is in order. I am a student in SIM currently pursing my Degree in Economics and finance. My decision to join RP was something I should have done long before, I have always told myself that I needed to contribute to my country but have always been passive about it. Finally, after being pushed by a friend I decided it is to time to take that step out. Why RP and not other parties? I am drawn by RP’s mandate of giving the power to decide where this nation should go back to the people. That we do not need a group of elites to make all the important decisions for us, that we want to take back the responsibility of making life changing decisions. After all you can decide for yourself how well that has done us by relinquishing that responsibility.

“A society that will trade a little liberty for a little order will lose both, and deserve neither.”

– Thomas Jefferson

Gay Ying Cong
Reform Party’s supporter