A solid show of support from residents at the coffeeshop. Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Recently a fellow Singaporean expressed interest in joining the Reform Party but was hesitant because he felt that he did not have the credentials to join. He said: “The Opposition needs brighter minds and not simpletons like me.”

I would like to put on record that this is a misconception that only people with degrees are qualified to volunteer or even to stand as a candidate in the coming election. Civil servants implement policies not politicians. As Kenneth Jeyaretnam, the Secretary-General of the Reform Party puts it “We have a highly paid and undoubtedly efficient civil service to assist whatever government is in power to run the country”. Politicians are the ones that set the direction for the country. (I like what the Reform Party stands for and the directions it wants for Singapore. See here for the Reform Party’s election manifesto). Even if you only have primary school education, as long as you have the heart, determination and conviction, you are qualified to volunteer or even stand as a candidate for us! The Reform Party needs you!

My fellow Singaporeans, YOU are directly affected by the policies dictated by politicians, why not stand up and represent yourself in Parliament? Especially since the PAP has failed us in so many ways?

Prices of HDB flats are increasing beyond the reach of many Singaporeans, which include many 1st time home owners. Meanwhile the salaries of ordinary Singaporeans stagnate. Ask yourself this question; PAP ministers who enjoy astronomical salaries may get a hefty wage increase and bonus this year using taxpayer monies. What about you? Has your salary increased? Have you gotten a high bonus like the ministers are going to receive? Ordinary Singaporeans who contribute to the success of the country get a small slice of the pie, while a small portion of so-called elites get the majority of the benefits at taxpayer’s expense. Imagine if a minster gets a half-year bonus, in one year these ministers may get in bonus what an ordinary Singaporean family takes a lifetime to earn.

Every day, Singaporeans commute to/from work in overcrowded buses and trains. Many can’t afford to drive, thanks to the ever increasing number of ERP gantries. These ministers drive or get chauffeured to work. Can they truly understand the daily grind ordinary Singaporeans go through?

The PAP has spent taxpayer’s monies on a poorly organized Youth Olympic Games that went several times over budget. Has anyone been held accountable? Have Singaporeans been given an appropriate explanation? The PAP would rather spend hundreds of millions of dollars on the Youth Olympics and Integration events for migrants rather than use the money in policies to help Singaporeans. Where do their priorities lie? Whatever they are, serving the interests of Singaporeans is not one of them. Do not be fooled by the token gestures made by the PAP. They are the ones currently in power. Must they wait until you have voted for them to make changes? No, if they truly had Singaporeans interests at heart, they would have done so already.

My dear Brothers and Sisters, the time is now! This is the final stand! The election could well be in end April! I urge all of you to stand up now whether as a candidate or as a volunteer.

Let’s reclaim our country back. We are the people, let us stand up and show the elitists we have had enough! Enough is enough! If they cannot represent our rights/needs, which is their duty as Members of Parliament, let us stand up and represent ourselves (or at least support those who are standing up).

If you have any concerns or questions about how you can help and why you should stand up now, come speak to us at our coming “Reform Party’s Membership Recruitment Drive”, this Saturday 2 April, 1.30pm at 18A Smith Street. (See here for our facebook event page)


Help us bring change to Singapore by spreading the word and telling everyone you know about this event!

Sincere Regards,

Irene Ho

Reform Party’s Supporter