Today, on this date 2 years ago, I received the demand letter from the prime minister to sue me – 10 days after my birthday.

The prime minister sued me for an article that I had written on the Central Provident Fund (CPF) pension funds of Singaporeans. I have to pay the prime minister S$180,000.

This is the latest update on the funds raised for the defamation suit with the Singapore prime minister.

As of the last update, S$10 was raised via my POSB bank account (130-23068-7 Ngerng Yi Ling).

Defamation Suit Funds Raised 19 May 2016.png

Another S$125.60 was raised via my PayPal (

PayPal 19 May 2016

A man gave S$100 on my birthday on May 9 and sent this note – thank you, sir!

PayPal 19 May 2016 a.png

Two days ago, a man also visited my dad’s stall and gave S$300. The man ate two plates of black and white carrot cake. Thank you for this, my friend.

My dad sells carrot cake in Ang Mo Kio at Block 107 in Ang Mo Kio. He is opened on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from about 4pm to about 11pm/midnight.

Thank You for Your Support for the Fund Raising

As of today, $$31,146.31 has been raised. I still have to pay another S$149,800 to the prime minister.

If you would also like to help to defray the costs and damages, you can also fund raise to the bank account at POSB Savings Bank Account 130-23068-7 (Ngerng Yi Ling) or PayPal at Thank you.

The funds coming in have slowed down. For transparency, I will continue to update on the funds raised and used, on this blog.

I have also attached my LinkedIn profile here. I was fired after I was sued – the hospital that I worked at and the Singapore Ministry of Health sent out press releases to support the firing, with the hospital alluding to the defamation suit.

I am looking for a job, scholarship or fellowship. Please contact me on my LinkedIn or at if there are any opportunity.

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Background: In 2014, I was sued by the Singapore prime minister for defamation. The judge ruled in a summary judgment that I have defamed the prime minister. I have apologised to the prime minister. I was ordered to pay damages of S$150,000 to him. In an agreement reached with the prime minister, I am to pay an additional S$30,000 in costs. In total, including the previous payment that I have made to the costs of the summary judgment (S$29,000) and application for the Queen’s Counsel (S$6,000), I would have paid/will pay S$215,000. 

I have paid the first tranche of S$30,000 (of the S$180,000) to the prime minister in March 2016. From April 1, 2016, for the next 5 years, I have to pay $100 every month. Thereafter, from 2021, I have to pay $1,000 every month until I finish paying.

You can read the previous updates here: [One] [Two] [Three] [Four] [Five] [Six] [Seven] [Eight] [Nine] [Ten] [Eleven] [Twelve] [Thirteen] [Fourteen] [Fifteen] [Sixteen] [Seventeen] [Eighteen].I would also like to thank the International Court of Justice (ICJ) and Safenet for releasing statements in support of me, as well as iMediaEthicsHong Kong Free Press and Norway’s NRK (here and here) for interviewing me.

You can also read a previous update on the funds raised in 2014 and its usage. Thank you to The Straits Times and for reporting on the fund raising. There were inaccurate online rumours spread that the funds were used to pay overseas trips. This is untrue. You can read more about these in the update here.