Thought of the Day - Common Sense Lacking in Singapore Banks' Administration

I never have any problem in using the internet and ATM services provided by the banks in Hong Kong.

When I deposit money or do transfer money to another account, they will strike a good balance between "privacy" and providing "relevant" information.

For example, if I keyed in the account number to deposit or do transfer of money, when there is a confirmation page, it will show me the account number as well as partial name of the account holders., eg. Gxx Mxxg Sexx instead of a total blackout or lack of account information. This is to ensure that I am transferring to the correct account!

The printout slip should also review partial account number as well as partial account name to whom the money had been transferred or deposited into, instead of a total lack of account information!

As for the e-Statement, it is pretty silly to send me a "consolidated statement" with only opening and ending balances for my accounts!

Internet access only provide 6 months of details and what if I want to keep a set of my accounts?

Seriously, if this is the type of standards we have in Singapore banks, no wonder we are losing out to Hong Kong as a financial hub! And if our elite bankers are to remain so stupidly complacent and total lack of common sense in providing such customer service, then it is just a matter of time we are going to lose out to our neighbours as financial hub as well!

Goh Meng Seng