Welcome to Lee.GAPORE:
As a Singaporean, you are to obey and execute ALL govt orders and laws
in a prompt and obedient manner. Failure to comply will be
disciplinarily dealt with.

-The govt is always right and this is the core value of all

-Surely, your problems CANNOT be the fault of the government. 
-You are to be seen, instructed and not heard. 

-Do not bother to feedback to the govt, the usual reply will be
“Surely Cannot”

-Welcome to Singapore, (you will survive if U have the money).

“The fact that the opposition can’t put up enough candidates surely
cannot be the fault of the GRC system”
Wong Kan Seng and the usual PAP rhetoric: makes me wonder when our
Ministers will ever start listening to us peasants in Singapore:
Quote:{said Mr Wong. ‘The fact that the opposition can’t put up enough
candidates SURELY CANNOT be the fault of the GRC system.’}
Mr Wong might also be interested in assisting other Ministries reply
to feedback in the following like-wise manner:

“Getting single PAP MPs married is also a quest for the PAP, the fact
that Singaporeans cannot afford $/ time to have children (birth
rate=1.26): surely cannot be the fault of a Government policy.”

“Some white horses also suffered injuries in NS; the fact that SAF has
accidents: surely cannot be the fault of the military organization”
“Our constituents also have difficulty with their medical bills, just
because opposition constituents also too have difficulty: Surely
Cannot be the fault of government hospitals.”
“Most PAP supporters do not get the chance to vote either, the fact
that elections in Singapore are so often walkover in nature: SURELY
also CANNOT be the fault of the PAP govt”………

Logic?…. so whose fault is it? Rule 1, PAP is ALWAYS right: so= no
need any govt investigations/ corrective measures like dat lah?, might
as well also Surely cancel the current baby debate and then we will
soon reach rotten extinction!

Really makes me wonder how we elected this inflexible, deaf,  ‘MONSTER
politician’ as an MP/ minister, or have we all been taken in (hook+
line+ sinker) by the ‘more good PAP years’, ‘5Cs’, ‘a higher flying
altitude’ promise.
=> GRC of more then 4members serves no additional benefit towards
racial harmony, period. It is an excessive requirement and an obstacle
to fair elections in Singapore; by disadvantaging a struggling
opposition and out-pricing ALL single seat constituency
representatives wannabe. Why the need to raise the election deposit to
S$13K/person: to reduce competition and encourage walkovers? What has
happened to innovation, flexibility, creativity, variation we so
promote in our economy; must we all listen to PAP ALL the time in
parliament? Why are the citizens of Singapore NOT procreating, just
shy? or is it because we don’t want our descendants to suffer the way
we did in NS, pat high taxes and suffer to buy necessities etc under a
tyrannical PAP govt?

I dunno and I feel somehow very brave to speak up, hope I don’t get
into trouble writing this> but I think that the birth rate of 1.26,
far short of 2.1 needs an urgent investigation and policy reappraisal.
“cannot be our fault attitude” is simply wrong and avoidant in nature.
We continue our current beliefs and practices, and we will be extinct
in a few generations.
Problem with me is that I care enough to write, hope LKY et. al. dun
mind my comments, they should reply below if my facts happen to be

And BTW, LKY should have also stated in his ‘airlines’ speech: that
when we get to 36,000ft (up from the current 33,000ft altitude), we
should be flying as a family of 4 or more,  and not as singles……
to encourage/ glamorize childbirth…heh..heh…heh!
Contributed by “Democracy-is-my-Religion”.