Is Tan Chuan Jin demoted to a speaker of parliament post?. 

Is he no longer seen as part of the 4th-generation core leadership? 

Is seems the Speaker post usually comes from a MP post and not of a minister. And why is one of the two current deputy speakers is not promoted to the speaker post? 

From being a full Cabinet minister in the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF), with hundreds of staff, important policies to make, and reportedly an annual seven-figure salary, he is being put up for the role of 
Speaker, with sway over a tiny staff, and salary reportedly in the mid-six figures. 

Seriously speaking, the Speaker is more like a puppet job similar to the puppet president post as it has no direct power to involve or make in any policy making of any ministry and of any parliamentary debates, and of any 
elected representation of the constituency electorates of MP meetings with voters in the people session 

The speaker job in Singapore is like a sitting referee sitting in the center of the badminton directing the the opposing player on both sides of the court of who will serve first and to decide if the shuttlecock is to be 
replaced or not or ordering the player to take a break or ordering the cleaner to clean up the sweat on the floor, and to watch the time clock of playing time of the match. 

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