He say we Germans pay 35% tax but we get non employment benefits free education free health care and insurance and most of all retirement benefits.

He say You singaporeans pay your cpf 20% + 15% , what you get? When you jobless what you get? When you sick what you get ? When retire what you get?

And he say this in addition to income tax and also COE [car tax]. He say it just garhmen dun call it tax

I say no...cpf can be use for hdb and property purchase! He armchio at me and show me the apartment I could get in Germany for price of hdb in Singapore. 350k sgd can already own landed.

Then i say this house far from city, you need to drive, cars are expensive! He armchio again at me and show me price of Audi. Cost 25k euro and drive til it break.

He ask why are you so worse off in your so called " low tax " environment compare to our high tax environment??? He say bcos a lot of taxes in Singapore are not called tax.

This post first appeared in a popular local forum.

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