Yesterday, LTA and SMRT announced that in the month of December, train services at selected stations will either be closed for a full day or end early but start later over the weekends and i am puzzled with this decision of theirs.

Since they can argue that most of tbe singaporeans are going for holidays in
December so it shall be the right time to disrupt train services as they need
more time to do maintenance works, since that's the case, why not just close
tbe entire EWNSL for the whole of December?

By allowing slightly more time to do up the maintenance work, its not going
to help much, what we need now is a thorough maintenance work to be done on
our MRT network so that in January when the crowds are back, we wouldn't face
such chaotic situations again! And furthermore, isn't our government
implementing a boost in public transport efficiency to accomodate to the 0%
car and motorbike growth? Shouldn't they use December as an opportunity to
shut down the entire EWNSL network to allow the maintenance team to
concentrate and focus on the maintenance work?

Why still allow the train services to run when urgent works are required to
avoid such disruptions? Is SMRT still over concerned about money than the

A.S.S. Contributor

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