ICYMI (or more likely couldn’t give a damn about him), Amos was given refugee status in Sept 2017 and has been released from detention (after 10 months +-) in America. (Read here).

Needless to say, he has been back to his usual antics - which is posting a video on a controversial topic and trying to milk some money off YouTube/social media/donations. 

So what’s new right?

What's new that is Amos is touching on a very sensitive topic, even for the US.

Amos has chosen to advocate for pedophiles, and even makes the outrages claim that child pornography should be permitted and that babies/children can consent to sex.

His views are so ridiculously bat-shit crazy and gives so much weird anecdotal evidence and assumptions that you can’t help but wonder at WTF is going on in his head.

To date, Amos has made about 3 YouTube videos on this topic but his 20th Nov one is probably the most controversial one.

I’m not going to post his video links here (simply because I do not want to drive traffic to him and hence make him a couple of cents) but you should be able to find it quite easily, together with tons of rebuttal videos.

Instead, here are some articles and rebuttal videos about what Amos has said.

In this video, Jeff Holiday calmly talks to, and rebuts Amos about his views, and from Amos's incoherent and often nonsensical responses here, we see exactly how bat-shit crazy he is.

Update: In a follow up video here (21 Nov 2017), Jeff analyses what Amos is, and it is telling. Why am I not surprised at his conclusions?

Priceless quote

"Amos Yee is not worth the emotional trauma that you can get from having to listening to his absolutely stupid dog shit ideas. Don't let him get under your skin." - Jeff Holiday (21:33)

When he was in Singapore, the views that he was espousing caused so much public outrage that a man actually lost control and went up to him in front of the Subordinate Courts (Vigilantism is wrong but this dude’s got some balls to do this in such a heavily policed location.) and slapped Amos right across the face. (Read here). In that context, I’m not sure if Amos fully understands the implications of the fact that he is now in America, the world’s most gun-crazy country.

Any how I wonder what Amos’s supporters and his donors think of him now.

Guess Amos is slowing finding out that absolute freedom of speech does not exist - even in America.