Suntory’s new range of transparent milk teas were all the rage when they became available in Singapore in Nov. 2017.

The combination of its unique appearance with a familiar taste made it rather popular.

Suntory transparent milk tea will take S’pore by storm

May contain alcohol?

But according to one Singaporean Instagram user, the ingredient list may allegedly contain alcohol too.

User Buatsimanja posted the following on Instagram on Jan. 29:

In case you can’t see it, this is what she said:

“Suntory is a Japanese company handles alcoholic products. Just take note the ingredients of this drink.”

She also shared a screenshot of an email that she supposedly received from the Suntory company:

Screen shot from Buatsimanja.

The news spread to Twitter, where one Twitter user got over 4,000 retweets for sharing the Instagram post.

Shock at the news

Several netizens expressed shock at the news.

Screen shot from Instagram.
Screen shot from Twitter.
Screen shot from Twitter.

Is it accurate?

But is the information accurate? A quick check of the tea’s ingredient list on its the bottle does not indicate whether or not it contains alcohol.

Pic from Mothership.

There’s an ingredient list which you can find online for both flavours of the Premium Morning Tea, which also do not indicate whether or not the drinks contain alcohol.

Pic from ByDeals.

Mothership has contacted Suntory Beverage and Food Asia to confirm whether these allegations are accurate.

Top image from Suntory.