In November 2017, fitness tracking app Strava tapped public user data to launch a global visual heatmap.

This is how it looks like for Singapore:

Check out the heatmap of Singapore here

The aim was to display popular exercise routes.

However, over weekend it was pointed out the heatmap exposes the location and layout of covert military bases globally.

This is due to military personnel running or cycling with their smartphones or fitness trackers, such as Fitbit.

With billions of data points collated and made publicly available, various routes throughout Singapore become highly visible aa they mark out previously unseen paths and access points.


Naval Diving Unit

Not much heat from the west side of Singapore though, such as Lim Chu Kang:

Other sensitive locations, such as MINDEF headquarters at Gombak Base, training centres on Pulau Tekong and Paya Lebar Air Base:

According to Channel News Asia, security experts suggest the way forward is to adapt to fitness trackers, rather than regulate it by banning or adopting regressive practices to control its use.