If you follow weather reports closely, you would be prepared for some heavy rain in the northern, eastern and central areas of Singapore.

But would you ever expect some hailstones?

Hail was seen in Yishun, Yio Chu Kang and Sengkang

The weather phenomena last occurred in 2013.

And it has allegedly happened again at about 4.30pm on Jan. 30, 2018.

Multiple people from Yishun to Sengkang were obviously surprised by what was described as “raining ice” by some:

Video circulating on WhatsApp

A video submitted to Mothership by a reader showed heavy rain with hailstones on the ground that allegedly happened in Seletar Country Club.

According to the reader, the video has been circulating on WhatsApp.

Another video posted on Facebook shows a venue in Nanyang Polytechnic, supposedly pelted with hailstones.

Uncommon in Singapore

According to the NEA’s website, hail is less common in tropical countries like Singapore.

Hailstones form in strong thunderstorm clouds, particularly those with intense updrafts, high liquid water content, great vertical extent, large water droplets and where a good portion of the cloud layer is below freezing 0 °C.

Mothership has reached out to NEA for comment.

Until then, here’s a throwback to when one Gandhimathi Muthusamy shared her epic experience in the hail in 2013.

Top image screenshot via video contributed by Neal Ang