I hear this comment often - I don't like the PAP but I cannot vote for the other parties because they are fragmented and cannot form the government. Why don't the other parties get together on a combined platform?

It would be nice if there non-PAP parties could get together. But it has been difficult, very difficult.

It does not matter that they contest as separate parties. It does not matter that they cannot form an alternative government.

If no single party forms the majority, it will be necessary for some of the parties to get together to form a coalition government. The coalition will have to agree on the policies that they wish to pursue in the new government. They have to give and take.

If the PAP remains the largest party in the coalition, they will still have a large say in the policies. But it will not be a total say. They have to make concessions to get the coalition parties to agree to support them.

This would be a first step towards a change of policies. It would be good for our future. We need the government to change its policies. A coalition government is a feasible way to achieve this.