In recent months, Singapore has seen heavy rainfall across our otherwise-sunny island.

While most of us and our animals have roofs over our heads, many others roaming our island are not so fortunate.

Given the recent spate of inclement weather, they end up left in the cold and wet outdoors if they are unable to find a safe place to seek shelter.

Makeshift shelter

Thanks to a Good Samaritan, though, the community cats residing near Hillview MRT won’t have this problem — at least for now.

With a foldable umbrella, a wooden plank, cardboard boxes and a blanket, the unidentified person built a makeshift shelter just outside Hillview MRT station, between two sections of a double-deck bicycle rack.

Here, two cats are seen huddling underneath it quite comfortably:

Photo by John Callahan via Cat Welfare Society Facebook.
Photo by John Callahan via Cat Welfare Society Facebook.

These photos were taken by one John Callahan, who sent them to the Cat Welfare Society (CWS) to share on their Facebook page.

This one shows better how the foldable umbrella is balanced atop two sections of the bicycle rack:

Photo by John Callahan via Cat Welfare Society Facebook.

This was Callahan’s accompanying message in the email he sent to the CWS:

“Can we get a shoutout for the kind person or persons whom have erected a weather cabana for the community cats at Hillview SMRT Station, so they can have a dry place to rest during this current episode of rainy weather? Further proof that through the efforts of organizations like CWS, the attitude of the general public in Singapore towards cats and other animals is changing for the better.”

It probably can’t stay as-is, though

While the kind gesture garnered praise from commenters, one comment highlighted that these makeshift structures or additions to otherwise functional facilities are rarely tolerated by the authorities, partly because they are deemed unsightly.

However, he also pointed out that it is time that society accepts such animals as part of our community:

Screenshot from Cat Welfare Society

Sightliness aside, though, we reckon it’s more the fact that if the bicycle rack is heavily used, its presence may impede bicycle owners from being able to use those spaces, if needed.

But hey, hopefully the shelter can stay till the rainy season goes away.

You can see the full Facebook post here:

Top photos by John Callahan via Cat Welfare Society Facebook.