Subway, the sandwich deli chain, has engaged in discussions with MUIS with a view towards obtaining Halal certification for their outlets in Singapore.

Unofficial announcement

On Jan. 30, 2018, it was claimed that Subway had approached MUIS to seek Halal certification.

The report, which is in Malay, said:

“The HalalNews SG understands that the Subway delegation has held a formal meeting with Muis officials at the end of 2017 to explain and clarify the aspirations and efforts they have made to meet all Halal Muis certification requirements for all Subway branches in Singapore.”

Official confirmation

In reponse to Mothership queries, MUIS’s Halal Certification Strategic Unit confirmed on Jan. 31 that Subway has indeed made such an approach:

“Subway Singapore has shown interest in getting their outlets Halal-certified. We have had few discussions to help them prepare themselves, details of which are classified.”

However, MUIS said that as of Jan. 31, the religious authority has yet to receive a formal application from Subway, and could not confirm if the deli chain is seeking Halal certification for all of their outlets islandwide, or only at specific outlets.

Twitter announcement

MUIS’s official Twitter account, HalalSG, also announced the news on Jan. 31.

In a typically HalalSG series of tweets, it said:

Guess it won’t be long now before Muslim customers can eat fresh.

Top image by Jeff Greenberg/UIG via Getty Images