Drunk? High? Suicidal? Hardcore-parkour artist? Hell knows, but it sure is clear that this dude’s a jackass.

A man was caught on camera running amok along Geylang Road near Khadijah Mosque just after midnight on Tuesday. If anyone needs a reason to install dash cams in their vehicles, this would be it — because nobody would believe that a well-dressed man tried to ambush a motorcyclist before throwing himself onto two other cars.

The stranger’s friend can be seen trying to chase him down, but to no avail. A man inside the vehicle can be heard grumbling that his car’s bonnet was dented from the shenanigans. In the captions, the video uploader managed to get in contact with other drivers involved in the man’s rampage and will be pursuing the case.

Just another night along Geylang Road, we suppose.

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