If you’ve ever wondered how some debts can stretch on for weeks, or months, or even years, this is the article for you.

The basic premise is that this guy, we’ll call him Jer, lent this girl, we’ll call her Ing, S$200, four years ago.

And on August 7, after four years of chasing, he decided to bring it onto Facebook.

Here is his post.

Here are the screenshots of their conversation

Her replies took a more relative approach, in the sense that because she owed other people more money, the person who she owes less shouldn’t get so worked up, this mindset will pop up again.

Even flippantly suggesting “selling her body” as repayment.

An offer which was quickly declined.

Change in tone

So up till now Ing’s tone has been somewhat nonchalant about the whole thing, but see if you can spot a slight change in tone with her messages.

It turns out Jer’s Facebook post provoked a somewhat stark shift in tone, and she immediately made plans to pay.

So, perhaps not the ideal way but at least everything’s settled right?

Not exactly.

Although she quickly tried to arrange payment options,

That meeting never materialised, with Ing finding a new perspective on life yet again.

2nd attempt

Despite her assertion of using the money for herself, she changed her mind once again on August 10.

So ya, we might have gone down a slight detour, but we eventually got there, S$150 first, but that’s a great start.

Ok, 4 days more, but what’s 4 days compared to 4 years.

In fact, she even implored him to keep the post up, perhaps realising that a debt paid should not be in relation to a service requested.

But, once again, little roadblocks started appearing to throw off Ing’s valiant attempts to pay Jer back.

Like her “bro” who was supposed to pass her cash, going to Thailand.

3rd attempt

But let’s give her the benefit of the doubt, because once again, she made arrangements to transfer the money.

And hey, it might not be the full amount, but at least she didn’t disappear.

And… deleted messages.

Obviously we can’t really understand what’s going on here, but this is what it lead to.

She went back to shaming him for “trending” her. A charge she apparently couldn’t substantiate.

Also, she accidentally sent a screenshot of the conversation, which was probably meant for her friend, back to Jer.

Which isn’t anything really, but it’s quite funny.

A lesson learnt

And although there was another attempt by Ing to try and pay it back.

That sputtered out as well.

Take a look at the timing between his two messages.

Yikes, and apparently Ing already blocked Jer on Whatsapp yet again.

And for his part, Jer has basically given up.

Oh no.

We will update the article once she returns the money, so stay tuned.