Yesterday, Shake Shack confirmed their opening in Jewel Changi Airport, and everyone went apeshit over the announcement.

And as if on cue, the next day (which so happens to be today), it’s confirmed that our lost love A&W would be back as well, together with a few surprise shops that might just convince Nuseir Yassin from Nas Daily do yet another video about Changi Airport.

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Jewel Changi Airport Released Updates About Its Tenants

Today, it’s announced that almost 90% of the retail space in Jewel Changi Airport has been leased. But that’s not a surprise, given that we won’t be seeing a sign “Space for Lease” in Changi Airport.

What’s interesting is the revelation of the stores.

So, other than Shake Shack that had everyone talking about yesterday, what else can we expect that would make a journey to the east worthwhile?

A&W Confirmed Its Opening

Well, nothing goes as viral as A&W’s reopening. While we’ve more or less guessed its opening there, today’s announcement also revealed more details.

For a start, we now know more about its menu.

Other than its usual Coney Dogs and Root Beer Floats, there would be Jewel-exclusive items from all over the world, and that includes A&W Cream Cheese Burger from Japan and Golden Aroma Chicken from Indonesia.

Wow, indeed.

Here’s what the Director of Marketing & Communication of A Great Amercian Brand International , the company managing A&W in Singapore, has to say:

“With 2019 marking A&W’s centennial milestone and a new regional leadership team set up in Singapore, we feel that it is opportune to have our comeback store in response to consistent positive consumer sentiments we have been receiving over the last decade.”

Oh yeah, that means our voices were really heard.

“As an American restaurant brand that is known internationally, it is important that our first return restaurant is strategically located. Jewel Changi Airport is located at the heart of Changi Airport, which welcomes both local and international travellers. Hence, Jewel will serve as an ideal location to showcase A&W’s international best-seller items and its American heritage.

“While customers can expect signature favourites like Coney Dogs, Curly Fries, A&W Root Beer floats, and Waffle Ice Cream, the Jewel outlet will also have exciting menu innovations. Our food menu will be the first of its kind in Asia: it will combine the best-selling items of our A&W Restaurants around the world, epitomizing Jewel’s location as an international hub. Some highlights are our handcrafted Cream Cheese Burgers originally designed in Okinawa and Golden Aroma Chicken originally launched in Indonesia.”

While shiok, it means the alleged claim of returning in 2018 might not materialize, since Jewel Changi Airport would only in 2019.

But moving on, A&W isn’t the only tenant that has kept Singaporeans talking.

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Pokemon Centre Singapore

If you’re unfamiliar with this, here’s an image of how a store in Japan:

Image: August_0802 /

Yeah, it’s a store that sells everything Pokemon.

Pokemon GO craze might have left Singapore, but Pokemon fans are still lingering among us. This would also be the first Pokemon Centre outside of Japan, selling a wide array of Pokémon merchandise sold in Japan as well as original merchandise exclusively created for Jewel, such as toys, stationery, Pokémon Trading Card Games and video games.

For all you know, this might be the shop that revive the Pokemon GO craze in Singapore.

Other Stores

Here’s a list of other stores that were mentioned in their media release:

  • Tiger Beer Lab
  • Naiise Iconic
  • Supermama
  • Läderach
  • Xiao Bin Lou (小滨楼)
  • Yu’s Kitchen (巴渝粮宅)
  • Pink Fish
  • Läderach
  • El Fuego by COLLIN’S®
  • Nike

Okay, now a journey to the east is indeed worthwhile.

Though it’s only in 2019.

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