Lisa Faulkner was recently causing people to be triggered for preparing a different version of Hainanese chicken rice.

UK’s The Guardian scandalises Hainanese chicken rice recipe with chicken fillets & honey lime chilli sauce

Here it is.

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Oh no.

Well, there was massive backlash against Faulkner, who allegedly cooked the dish.

That assumption was made for good reason.

Here is a podcast section imploring you to watch Lisa cook.

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Here’s the question and answer article that claims she will be cooking the Hainanese chicken rice.

Screenshot from Guardian

And here she is, not saying, “Hey, I’m not cooking the chicken rice, merely consuming it”.

Here is the article’s framing of the issue at hand, just in case you still have doubts.

Screenshot from Guardian

So, at the very worst, Faulkner didn’t come up with the recipe, but cooked it according to the recipe.

So she definitely cooked it.

She didn’t cook it

Amidst the Internet brigading getting triggered, Faulkner answered a few pointed tweets.

The first tweet she responded to was this.

“Please DO NOT call this ‘Hainanese Chicken Rice’ as it looks NOTHING like it!”

Here is Lisa’s response.

She didn’t.

Which might definitely be true, perhaps it was an earlier editorial decision which she had no control over.


But Lisa wasn’t done with her clarification on her role in this debacle.

Here’s another tweet she responded to.

Screenshot from Edward Yong

With this tweet.

It is not my recipe. It was cooked for me and I ate it. I do not pretend to be a chef. I didn’t make this recipe up. I am just a home cook who did an interview and are a dish that was cooked for me. Please stop.

Harassing a person is definitely a no-no, so her “please stop” plea in that context makes absolute sense.

What doesn’t make as much sense is her description of the role, which radically changes what she was originally promoted as.

As now she is claiming not to be an active participant in the cooking, but rather a taster, or a celebrity taster.

But as we’ve mentioned before.

That was perhaps not the impression that the original article gave.

A fact brought up by one Twitter user.

Which she dismissed in quite a flippant manner.

Oh well.

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