By now, we all should know that Singapore netizens can be rather merciless: do something wrong and you might be send packing to Australia.

Just ask Amy Cheong, who had to run off to Perth after being harassed online for her racist remarks, and Anton Casey, who fled from Singapore as well after an online humblebrag went wrong, and then even making the dreaded mistake of releasing his apology via a PR firm.

It got so bad that the Internet police is now deterring shameful acts, or the “culprits” would be put on trial in a courtroom known as the Internet.

And so, when Daryl Aiden Yow’s disgraceful act was exposed, no one would have expected him to bounce back from the ordeal.

Everyone, us included, thought that he would slowly disappear away from the online world, just like a certain YouTuber who claimed innocence and then left a channel with 178,349 subscribers hanging.

But unlike others who has been burned down by the Internet Police, Daryl Aiden Yow came back from the ashes, and emerged even stronger.

At least, from what we see from his follower counts and his images.

A Recap

Lest you’ve not been paying your Internet bills since June 2018, here’s what happened: he was caught Photoshopping and using stock images to create his beautiful photos on Instagram.

That’s a no-no in many people’s eyes, given how he advertised himself as a photographer. Add in the fact that his clientele consists of big names like Sony, Uniqlo and Topman:


And you get why he’s getting slammed like nobody’s business in Singapore. The higher you are, the harder you fall, after all.

He tried to rescue his reputation to no avail, especially when he’s getting kicked left, right up and down by several well-known people like Xiaxue.

So in the end, he deleted all his beautiful images on his Instagram account, leaving a single apologetic-ish post on his 101k followers’ account.

Game over? Apparently not.

A comeback

On 13 September 2018, about three months after the exposé, he posted this arty-farty post:


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Mistakes come with a lesson. And with a lesson, comes change.

A post shared by Daryl Aiden Yow (@darylaiden) on

Read between the lines and you’ll see his desire to make a comeback.

Of course, wanting a comeback is one thing: getting the comeback with results is another.

In one month, he posted almost 18 images. In a deliberate effort to show that he hasn’t used any stock images, he would include BTS shots in most of the posts, or shots of the original take before he edited them (all images need to be edited – even our Instagram images, which look 100X lousier than his, are edited before posting online).

There were images with him in the foreground…

…and images that look stock, which we can only hope it isn’t.


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One of the world’s most time and photo-worthy blossoms! 🌸

A post shared by Daryl Aiden Yow (@darylaiden) on

Like him or hate him, you’ve got to admit that these are gorgeous images.

I mean, all we can muster is this kind of images…

And we’re already proud of them 😀

But it’s not just the images that show the comeback’s a success.

Previously, On Daryl Aiden Yow account…

When the social media blackout happened for Daryl, he had 101K followers. In mere one month after his comeback, this happened:

Image: Instagram (darylaiden)

That’s a whopping 12K new followers.

Of course you’d wonder if they’re real followers or not, but hey: he’s making an effort for his comeback.

If they’re not real, too bad.

If they’re real, it’s really a good lesson to all Singaporeans out there: even if you’re burned, you can still rise from the ashes.

Just ask Daryl Aiden Yow.

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