On Oct. 15, a 41-year-old Singaporean man was jailed for breaking a bus door because, according to his lawyers at least, he needed to pee.

Yes, you read that right.

Chua Hock Lee was sentenced to a week in prison after pleading guilty to one count of mischief.

Drunken night

According to a report by Yahoo News, on the night of June 8, 2016, Chua was drinking alcohol at a coffee shop in Bedok with his wife and some friends.

After some drinks, he headed towards Bedok Bus Interchange with his wife right before midnight and took an SBS Transit bus to go back home.

Hurled vulgarities

Chua apparently hurled some vulgarities at the bus driver after the driver had to stop the bus on a one-way lane as the cab in front of it was picking up a passenger.

He continued to swear at the bus driver even after the driver explained why he was not able to drive off.

Thanks to Chua’s actions, some commuters were scared off and moved away from him.

Kicked glass door

Before the driver was able to open the rear door of the bus, Chua was already repeatedly kicking it, causing the glass door to shatter.

He then walked to the front of the bus with his wife and began to wave his fingers in front of the driver’s face before exiting the bus.

The bus driver chased after the couple for a short while, but the couple managed to run up the stairs of their Bedok North Street 3 flat.

The driver was left with no choice but to report the incident, which was already recorded by the bus’ CCTV.

Felt nauseous and wanted to pee

According to accused’s lawyer, Chua felt “nauseous and an urge to urinate” while he was on the bus.

Desperate to answer nature’s call, he had apparently pressed the bell of the bus to signal to the driver to stop and did not notice that the taxi had stopped in front of the bus:

“In his intoxicated and uncomfortable state, (he) lost his temper momentarily.”

But the prosecution didn’t buy it and said that a person who urgently needed to relieve himself would not have “burst into a tirade of profanity” and he somehow managed to find the time to “wave his fingers in the driver’s face and continue swearing at him”.

S$1,298.76 in damages

Chua’s drunken actions caused a whopping S$1,298.76 in damages.

However, according to his lawyer, he has already fully paid SBS Transit for the damages caused.

For committing mischief and causing loss or damage amounting to S$500 or upwards, Chua could have been imprisoned for a maximum term of two years and/ or fined.

H/T: Yahoo News

Top image by Joshua Lee