How long do your calls with your parents usually last?

One Malaysian Twitter user, Hakim Malik shared in a series of tweets his regrets of just speaking to his father for 18 seconds in their last phone call.

Here’s the text from the tweets and their corresponding translations:

Sapa yg parents dia call 2 pls la hargai sebaik mungkin.. ni last call dari ayah aku. sblm ayah pergi, dia ada call aku, hg tau x aku ckp dgn dia 18saat je??? Dia ckp “along, ayah dah masuk duit” hg tau aku xckp terima kasih pun??? Sbb aku busy nk buat benda lain waktu tu

Please don’t take your parents’ calls for granted. This is my last call with my father. Before my dad passed on, he called me. Did you know what our 18-seconds conversation was all about? He said: “Son, I’ve put in some money into your account.” I didn’t even say thank you because I was too busy with something else at that moment.

Lepas end call tu, aku xde call dia balik sampai lah dia suddenly sakit 3 hari then meninggal dunia.. sekarang, aku dah xde chance nak dapat call dari “ayah” sampai bila2.. hargai call dari parents anda

After that call ended, I didn’t call him back. Suddenly, he was sick for three days and passed on. Now I can never have the chance to receive a call from my father. Appreciate these calls from your parents while you still can.

Xsempat nak berbakti kat ayah atas dunia ni.. kpd semua.. tlg sedekahkan al-fatihah utk arwah ayah saya. Semoga Allah ampunkan semua dosa ayah saya, diselamatkan arwah ayah saya dari fitnah kubur dan ditempatkan roh ayah saya di illiyin bersama2 roh org beriman.. aaminn..

I didn’t have the chance to give back to my father. To all, please say a prayer for my late father.

Act, detail dia, 15 hb10 tu ayah aku call aku, aku xsempat ckp terima kasih lepas bg duit tu sbb busy buat bnda lain. 22hb 10 baru dia masuk masuk icu 3 hari, dia xsedar(koma) sampailah dia pergi.. bkn lepas call terus sakit.. between 15hb-22hb tu ada je aku ws2 dlm group family.

When my dad called on Oct. 15 I didn’t get the chance to thank him for the money as I was busy with something else. On Oct. 22, then he was admitted to the ICU for three days. He fell into a coma and passed on.

cuma aku terkilan sgt kenapa aku sampai lupa nk ckp terima kasih on time masa dia call aku tu, Pdhal kebiasaannya aku ucap or berborak lama sikit.. Xsangka pulak tu jadi last coversation aku dgn dia..

I’m just devastated that I didn’t get to thank him when he called me. Usually, whenever he calls, we would have longer conversations… I didn’t expect that to be my last phone call with him.

Masa dia masuk icu pun, aku ada je dekat hosp dgn dia.. dia pergi maghrib khamis tu pun sempat aku bacakan yassin tepi katil dia and ajar dia mengucap.. yg aku kesalkan, kalaulah aku xbusy masa dia call aku tu.

When he was in the ICU, I was by his side. If only I wasn’t so busy when he called me earlier that day.

Jadi, setiap kali dapat call dari parents, jgn la ala kadar je.. kita xtahu kalau tu la last kita dapat ckp dgn dia..

So if you ever get a call from your parents, don’t ever take it for granted. We don’t know if that will be the last time we’ll ever get to talk to them.

Went viral

His tweets were retweeted more than 17,000 times, with many users responding to him to thank him for the reminder:


Translation: “Feel you bro. I postponed a call with my father. I should have called him one day, but I postponed it to the following day. The next day, I called my father and suddenly a senior ran over to tell me he is no longer here with us. To this day, I still regret postponing the call.”

Translation: “Sorry for your loss. I’m so sad to hear it. For me, I will always pick up the phone as fast as I can whenever my parents call. If I didn’t get to pick up the call on time, I will call them back as soon as I can. Be strong, babe. May your father be among the faithful and pious.”

Translation: “I understand, dear. Same goes to me. I’m 23-years-old now and just got close to my father when I was 17. Six years later, an incident changed everything. Since then, we’re ok. Didn’t expect it. Don’t give up, recite prayers so God will give us a chance to show affection with our fathers.

Translation: “I know exactly how you feel. The last time I saw my mother was three days before she passed on. That too, for a short while because she was already asleep by then. Too busy with my own life until I couldn’t be by her side as she passed on. A prayer to your dad and my mom. You’re not alone, be patient.”

Translation: “Sis, maybe he’s rather shy. Make phone calls to your father a habit. My father used to be like that too, but he’s better now. He’s apprehensive to show his affection to his children.”

Asian fathers can be bad at showing affection, which is why we children can make the first move to do so, before it’s too late.

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