Mandarin Orchard Singapore has established a 24-hour hotline for guests who have come down with food poisoning after eating food at its banquet events.

A large number of food poisoning cases at four different banquet events held at the Grand Ballroom of Mandarin Orchard Hotel was reported between Dec. 1 and 3.

9 hospitalised, 175 people ill: Mandarin Orchard S’pore main ballroom banquet operations suspended indefinitely

In total, 175 people fell ill with gastroenteritis, with nine of them hospitalised, as of Dec. 5, according to a joint press release by the Ministry of Health, Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority (AVA) and National Environment Agency (NEA), 

Mandarin Orchard Singapore aiming to reach out to all affected guests

The Straits Times (ST) reported that the hotel has yet to establish the number of affected cases among its banquet guests.

As such, the establishment of the 24-hour hotline is aimed at allowing affected guests to reach out with their complaints.

A Facebook post was also put up by the hotel on Wednesday requesting for those affected to reach their hotline at +65 6831 6184.

Staff also among those affected

An exchange between the hotel and a commentator on the Facebook post also revealed that the cases of food poisoning included the hotel staff as well.

However, it is unclear if the food poisoning stemmed from canteen food as alleged by the commentator.

Screenshot from Mandarin Orchard Singapore Facebook

Screenshot from Mandarin Orchard Singapore Facebook

Sanitisation of banquet room underway

In the meantime, ST reported that the Grand Ballroom is due to be sanitised by Wednesday, Dec. 12.

The banquet kitchen serving the Grand Ballroom has been suspended indefinitely, with MOH, NEA and AVA having commenced joint investigations on Dec. 4, according to their joint press release.

Thus far, the investigations have included collecting food and environmental samples for testing, along with sending food handlers for stool screening.

The agencies have also required the hotel to dispose of all ready-to-eat food, thawed food and perishable food items from the banquet, and thoroughly clean the implicated premises including equipment, utensils, work surfaces and toilets.

This includes disinfecting the dining tables and chairs, food preparation surfaces, walls and floors.

This is the fourth high-profile case of mass food poisoning reported in Singapore so far.

Spize River Valley, the site of the first case has since been closed for good.

Top image from Insightrips Facebook

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