Emcee/ voice personality Joe Augustin isn’t one to take things lying down.

Because on Dec. 7, while in the midst of preparing for a hosting gig, he felt strongly enough that something was not right that he took some time out to write a Facebook post warning.

This was after he encountered first-hand the sales pitch by teams of sales representatives from a company known as SG Fire Prevention that goes around HDB estates to hawk fire extinguishers and other related wares.

The gist of Augustin’s post is that his encounter with the sales reps didn’t impress him.

What’s it about

Augustin was approached at home in his HDB flat by an officious-looking person wearing a lanyard and carrying a clipboard with laminated credentials.

The young male person claimed that he is from SG Fire Prevention.

He then said that he was going around the estate to talk about the ills of expired fire extinguishers, because a recent fire took place in the neighbourhood but could not be put out as the extinguisher had expired.

He also claimed that he was engaged by the neighbourhood community centre (CC).

More details after some pressing

Upon further questioning, Augustin found out that SG Fire Prevention is a private company selling fire extinguishers.

He also found out that the company was not engaged by the CC to do fire extinguisher replacement, but rather had previously taken part in roadshows at the CC.

Augustin then blasted the sales representative’s tactics, after he had already called it “under-handed”:

“I am going to call this plain and simply – dishonest. They don’t say what they want you to think, but they make every effort to give you the impression that they are doing some sort of official outreach that is sanctioned. And they could defend it and say, we didn’t say that, what.”

SG Fire Prevention

According to SG Fire Prevention’s website, it shows a logo that bears an uncanny resemblance to official crests.

The landing page also features photos of SG Fire Prevention’s staff with Singapore Police Force personnel:

The SG Fire Prevention staff is actually behind this blockade of SPF personnel. Via SG Fire Prevention.
Here they are with SPF personnel at a roadshow. Via SG Fire Prevention.

Here they are with ex-Minister of State for Trade and Industry, Teo Ser Luck:

Via SG Fire Prevention.

And here are the products they sell:

Via SG Fire Prevention.
Via SG Fire Prevention.

In his post, Augustin pointed out that the products sold via the SG Fire Prevention website can also be bought off Lazada online for a lower price.

A check online showed that a 1kg dry powder fire extinguisher costs S$179 on SG Fire Prevention, but costs as little as S$25 to S$39 on Lazada.

Top images by Joe Augustin, SG Fire Prevention