Ah, the good old kampung days in Singapore.

Those days of yore might be long gone, but it looks like the thrill-seeking spirit of the young and restless while in the great outdoors still remains for some youths at Punggol recently.

Taking a dive

A video recording shared on social media showed at least three youths climbing over the barricade of the Lorong Halus pedestrian bridge at Punggol.

They then jumped off the bridge, which is about three metres high, into the water below and proceeded to take part in an impromptu swimming competition.

Yes, this is the same location where a 16-year-old boy previously threw ofo and oBike bicycles into the water below and was subsequently called up for police investigations.

Boy, 16, assisting with police investigation of ofo, oBike bicycles tossed into river

No swimming allowed

According to signs put up at the location, swimming is not allowed, let along diving.

via cavinteo

Dangerous though

The dangers of jumping from a height into a water body below without knowing its depth or what is inside make such an activity not advisable.

Injuries can be sustained if the water below is too shallow, resulting in the diver smashing into the river bed filled with gravel or pebbles, or landing on any protruding objects, such as boulders in the water, that might be resting on the river bed.

But the three youths who jumped in appeared well enough to swim for a distance towards land before gassing out.


Reactions to the video were surprisingly sympathetic, with many saying it mimics village life and it is the onus of those participating in such activities to be responsible for themselves.