What’s more majestic than a storm?

The start of a storm, apparently.

A resident in Boon Lay shot the start of a big one in the western part of Singapore from his 20th floor HDB flat kitchen window.

According to the resident, John Gold, the storm began in earnest at about 3.30pm on Saturday, Dec. 8.

But the isolated storm did not last long.

Giving meaning to the phrase “sky opening up”, the photo was actually showing what happens when it first starts to rain.

The rain fell in this manner for a good three to four minutes, before it started to spread throughout the estate, the resident in the western part of Singapore said.

He also said he shared this image with Mothership to show the rest of Singapore this “awesome scenery”.

Popular meme format

A weather phenomenon of such sorts is seen frequently as image macros or memes online.

The earliest meme of such a scene was an aerial photograph of an isolated storm taken during a flight between Washington and Arizona in September 2009.

Within two years of it first appearing, it was accompanied by the phrase “f*ck this specific area” or some derivative caption.