No More Techno Edge Canteen At NUS Engineering Till 2020

“Uncle, one kopi o peng please. Sorry, can faster? I’m super late.”

The drink stall uncle hands the drink over wordlessly, a familiar smile playing on his lips. This caffeine kick saves you from public embarrassment later, and you survive an entire 8am lecture without nodding off a wink.


Now, you can imagine why students feel extremely nostalgic about Techno Edge’s planned closure for renovations starting today (8 Dec). After 30 years of operations, the National University of Singapore’s Engineering canteen will be closing for “redevelopment works”.

A 1,000-seat canteen will replace the venue in 2020, with 2 brand new floors furnished for student activities.


Sadly, the Chicken Rice, Yong Tau Foo and Soya Bean vendors will be retiring, while all other hawkers are moving to other canteens within the school.

Here’s NUS’ touching tribute in full. We say our goodbyes below.


Thank you for your service

A beautiful series of photographs were shot of all the vendors, as a heartfelt tribute to their years of service.

Mdm Pong, pictured below, has clocked more than 35 years of service in NUS, in her tenure as cleaning supervisor for Techno Edge, since its humble beginnings in 1983.


Fun fact! Her sister used to run the Hokkien Mee stall in the Arts Canteen.

Prepare your tissues for the rest of their stories, as they will definitely give you the feels.

1. McDonald’s

The McDonald’s outlet at the Engineering Faculty has always been famous for their cheery uncles and aunties.


Here’s Uncle Henry smiling at you for his very last shift, after 9 years of faithful service. They’ll also be closing the branch, as the entire building undergoes renovation.

2. Yong Tau Foo

Mr Pang and Alice will be looking forward to a blissful retirement after operating the Yong Tau Foo stall for 31 years.


NUS shares that the fondest memory Alice will takeaway in her retirement, will be how her stall won a cooking competition in 2016, judged by “celebrity chef Violet Oon”.

3. Chicken Rice

Back in 1974, Mr Ching set up his first chicken rice stall on campus in Bukit Timah. He later made the brave decision to move the Kent Ridge campus, where he has served since.


He’s pictured smiling cheekily here while holding up two peace signs. Mr Ching will be retiring, and we wish him all the best.

4. Drinks Stall

If you’re worried that the motley crew at Techno Edge will be dispersed, there’s a silver lining to this mostly sad announcement. 4 Techno Edge stalls will be relocating together to E2 Cafe — Indonesian Panggang, Western, Ramen and Drinks to be exact.

Drinks stall owner, Mr Seton Lim and his colleague Mr Cheong were pictured at the helm of their new drinks stall in E2 Cafe.


But what we’d miss most are their adorable antics to cheer up students at Techno Edge. Uncle Seton typically plays party music to liven up dreary school mornings, or even gets his team to dress up for festive occasions over his 25 faithful years of service.


5. Indonesian Panggang

This stall is home to arguably the most famous dish in the entire school — Ayam Panggang. Though the debate’s ongoing on whether the Arts or Engin faculty has a better version of it, you’d see long snaking queues during lunch for students hoping to get their fix.


These stall helpers Siti, Ah Moy and Siti have all served for 10, 11 and 6 years. They were most probably responsible for the insane portions of rice and generous servings of sauce drizzled on your plate.

6. Mee Pok & Fishball Noodles

Students have thanked the owners of this mee pok stall, Mr Teo and Mdm Ong, profusely for letting them “anyhow customise their noodles”. They’ll make a permanent move to Prince George’s Park Residences with immediate effect.


7. Nasi Padang

70-year-old Kartinah, not only looks stunning for her age, but is also a long-serving kitchen helper at the Nasi Padang stall. She’ll be moving along with her stall to Yusof Ishak House’s canteen.


8. Kaneda Japanese Cuisine

Kaneda’s sizzling hotplates of Salmon Tama, paired with piping hot bowls of fluffy white rice are too die for. Students who frequent The Deck at the Arts Faculty will be pleased to welcome Peter and Ivy’s offerings at the canteen.


9. Vegetarian

10 years of service and marriage aside, the Sohs are prepping for their move to Prince George’s Park Residences. They’ll continue to serve delicious vegetarian fare to eco-conscious students.


10. Oon Western Food

Oon Western Food will be making the move to E2 Cafe as well. Store owner Mr Oon and his kitchen helper Faisel are pictured outside the stall in the photograph below.


Their chicken chops will be dearly missed by students.

11. SSS Indian Food

SSS Indian Food has been dishing up rich curries and crispy pratas to students for a whopping 28 years. Ragani, Owner Mr Saravan and Ugesh will be calling Prince George’s Park Residences their new home.


12. Caifan

Mr Lai Cheng Boon’s Chinese Cooked Food stall has been around for 41 years. He’s also been helping to represent all the TechnoEdge vendors over the years.


The yearly canteen fund to help pay for festive decorations within the canteen was his brainchild. His stall will be moving to Prince George’s Park Residences.

Goodbyes don’t last forever

Since the last minor renovation for Techno Edge came in 1999, this refresh is definitely long overdue.


Though we know it’ll be hard to say goodbye to a place that holds so many fond memories for so many of us, we at MS News wish all retiring vendors a blissful retirement.

As for the hawkers in the midst of their moves, all the best in your future endeavours!

Featured image from National University of Singapore on Facebook.

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