If you’re missing McDonald’s Har Cheong Gai burger, you might like this.

McDonald’s recently secretly added a Prawn Paste Chicken Cutlet onto its menu.

There is not much information about it right now on McDonald’s official social media spaces, but some people in Singapore have been posting about it online.

Such as this one photo of it on Burpple.

Image via Burpple user Foodie Goh.

According to Burpple user Foodie Goh, this cutlet is slightly large than the usual patty.

The chicken is tender, with quite a bit of fat, which suggests it could be made from chicken thigh.

Foodie Goh bought the cutlet from the McDonald’s outlet at Metropolis.

The chicken cutlet is also available for purchase on GrabFood and on the McDonald’s app:

The chicken cutlet comes in a paper bag and is slightly bigger than the width of a Filet-O-Fish box.

The cutlet has also been spotted at Bukit Batok and Woodlands outlets.

It is unsure where else the cutlet is available for sale or how long the sale might last, if this is a promotional item.

Previously, McDonald’s also released a spicy chicken cutlet, but only made it available at 12 outlets.

Perhaps they might do the same for this prawn paste cutlet.

We have reached out to McDonald’s for more information on the Prawn Paste Chicken Cutlet.

Top image by Burpple user Foodie Goh and McDonald’s app