The Chinese have a saying:


Which, when translated to classic ol’ England, entails:

“There’s a blade hidden within the confines of one’s smile.”

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And it’s so true. How many people genuinely mean it when they smile? Because as far as I know, the Joker smiled a lot…

And he wasn’t exactly a top candidate for Best Human Of The Year Award 2018.

However, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t smile either. Because as this particular lady came to find out…

Not smiling could cause the other party to draw out their knives instead.

The Girl With The Tattoos

Just yesterday (7 Dec), Reddit user unicornflai posted a thread titled ‘Its a crime not to smile at kids I guess’, and detailed her personal account of she was dissed for not smiling back at a child.

The user, who I shall name Uni for convenience’s sake, was standing on a train when a kid started pointing at her tattoos and laughing to his mum. Thereafter, the parent started laughing as well.

At this point, Uni clarifies that she’s pretty used to being looked/judged because she’s a female with tats. She also expresses that she does not like kids, and would honestly prefer as little interaction as them as possible.

Incidentally, here are their positions:

Image: Reddit

As it is, the child continued laughing, and Uni didn’t entertain him back as she continued scrolling through her Insta. This, however, seems to have touched a nerve with the mother.

The conversation goes as follows:

Mother: Hey, my sweet kid smiled at you, Couldn’t you be less rude and at least smile back at him and get off your phone for once? It’s called having basic courtesy.

Me: Oh, sorry but I was busy on my phone, and he was laughing not smil-

Mother: I see, no wonder. Look at your disgusting tattoos on your thigh. No wonder you’re so ill-mannered. Who taught you to put those things on your legs? Don’t you know that your body is God’s temple and you should never ever ruin it? Disgusting.

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Rather unsurprisingly (given the circumstances), Uni ends off the rant, stating that she hates kids even more now, because apparently…

She has tattoos and she doesn’t smile at kids = criminal.

Note: She later replies to forum queries, stating that she’s from Singapore and that the laughing lady was Indian.

Redditors React

Following the revelation, some Redditors expressed their support for Uni.

Image: Reddit
Image: Reddit

And one expressed that the act was not representative of their race as a whole:

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As it is, it seems that the general sentiment is this:

The lady was in the wrong.

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And though I’m supposed to be objective here, let me just interject a bit of a personal opinion here:

Image: Tenor

Call me a new-gen spawn or whatever, but honestly, if she’s not bothering you, I really don’t think you have any right to insult her.


And as for the kid, I guess it’s good to know that it’s going to be a sweet strawberry. Sour strawberry is a sin.

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