Ghazalee Ibrahim is the head chef at The Don Pizza and Pasta located at FOMO, a food court in Sultan Gate.

He also enjoys experimenting extensively with local cuisine.

Here are some of his unique takes on local dishes.

Nasi Lemak Sushi

Image from Ghazalee

Roasted Chicken Rice Sushi

Image from Ghazalee

Lemak Ayam

Image from Ghazalee

Lemak Ketam

Image from Ghazalee


In addition to these deconstructed dishes, he has also created a really pretty version of his favourite dish, Nasi Lemak.

Image from Ghazalee
Image from Ghazalee

Here’s a closer look.

Image from Twitter



Although the dishes are still unavailable in the eatery, Ghazalee has some rough price estimations for them.

For example, he’s thinking of charging S$3.90 for the sushi dishes, and S$17.90 for the risotto.

But as mentioned before, these are just rough estimates.

What he does know is that he wishes to keep the food affordable.

He tells us:

“It’s gonna be pricey, but at the same time I want it to be affordable.”

The reason being some reactions he have gotten online for his viral tweets.

Cause I’ve been like getting sh*t tweets, they went like “oh look, it’s gonna be another overpriced Nasi Lemak again” hahahaha they totally forgotten about the craftsmanship.

Even though he is in no way averse to risk taking, Ghazalee makes it clear that he understands the fundamentals of the dish must be kept intact.

“By adding new method, Euro ingredients, different type of plating style but whatever it is, OG is still OG. Like whats Nasi Lemak without coconut cream right? Can be ambitious but not too… naughty? Just kinky would be fine.”


Most of the reactions have been positive, with many praising the plating and aesthetic appeal of his dishes.

And for those who might hesitate to view his dishes as genuine local fare, Ghazalee has this to say.

And maybe evolution isn’t the worst thing to undergo.

Maybe a change in name would help though.


Image collated from Ghazalee’s Twitter