The Go-Jek driver in that wildly viral video, will have to face the Land Transport Authority (LTA) after all.

This whole Go-Jek fiasco has been mostly confined to memes and Internet mischief-making.

However, this might be the first time legal issues have been brought into the fray.

The driver, Kamaruzzaman Bin Abdul Latiff, posted a letter from LTA on Go-Jek Singapore Community on Feb. 4.

Here it is.

Pic from Go-Jek Singapore Community.

Upcoming interview

It’s basically asking Kamaruzzam to attend an interview with an LTA official on Thursday morning, Feb. 7.

He was asked to bring his NRIC, vocational license, driving license, as well as the recording device.

This was due to a complaint being filed against him.

In the post, he also called for netizens to not “bother that girl anymore”, presumably referring to the passenger in the viral video.

Here is what he said in his post:

At last here it come. Just pray for me. Pls dont bother that girl anymore. When some1 never learn the 1st mistake …some 1 will make more mistake.”

Passenger speaks

In a Skype interview with the Straits Times, the lady, who wanted to be known only as Jovina, revealed that she did not have the chance to file a police report.

In fact, she had left for Taiwan shortly after the incident.

However, she told ST that she is thinking about it. Jovina did not say if she had filed a complaint with LTA.

This comes on the heels of concerned netizens signing a petition, asking for LTA to show leniency.

“Let’s join in this petition to save Abang in hope he will not lose his license from driving private hire vehicles (PDVL).”

As of 9:00 pm on Feb. 4, the petition had garnered over 29,000 signatures.

However, Kamaruzzaman has not asked for donations. Apparently, any petitions being circulated asking for donations was done without his knowledge.

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