Cyclists in Singapore are overcoming some bad rep as a result of some high-profile incidents (here and here).

Video of cyclist getting comeuppance

On March 13, a video was uploaded to the Facebook group SG Road Vigilante – SGRV, showing a cyclist in an accident with a traffic cone.

The video was also captioned:


poor cyclist, evil cone.
get well soon.”

What happened in the video

In the video, a group of cyclists can be seen riding along a road at night, cycling alongside a lane blocked by traffic cones.

One cyclist from the group then speeds up and comes extremely close to the line of cones.

Source: SG Road Vigilante

The cyclist then knocks over a traffic cone as he veers into the lane that has been blocked out.

Despite knocking into the cone, the cyclist continues riding in the blocked-off lane and crashing into an object or person near a group of workers. 

One of the workers is seen backing away quickly from the accident.

Gif of video from SG Road Vigilante

Sympathy for cone

Commenters were unsympathetic to the cyclist.

Screenshots from SG Road Vigilante

They sympathised with the cone instead.

Source: Screenshots from SG road Vigilante

One commenter ask was concerned about the worker.

Screenshot from SG Road Vigilante

Here is the original video:

In case you can’t see the embedded post above:

Top image collage from SG Road Vigilante.