There are a few established rules in Singapore that you must never, ever do.

You cannot drink and drive.

Nor can you drink unlimited amounts of delicious beer before you keel over unconscious.

But what if you can?

What if you can drink as many bottles of Heineken as you want to, and still be able to drive. Legally, to boot.


No, there’s no secret on how to increase your metabolism so much you’ll break down the alcohol as soon as it enters your body.

Instead, we’re going to introduce a revolutionary product instead, because #ThirstyThursday

The Heineken 0.0

Heineken recently sent this box up to our office. Okay, not Heineken themselves, but their PR company. Close enough, no?

It looks like normal Heineken

Bottled like usual Heineken

But there’s one small difference.

It has zero alcoholic content.

That’s right.

It’s a beer that’s supposed to taste like beer, just without the alcohol.

And It’s Not A New Product

Our resident alcoholic said she was aware that such a godly product exists. In fact, she saw it two weeks back when she was searching for alcohol in a nearby 7-Eleven.

Back in 2017, Heineken had already released this product in 14 different markets worldwide.

As for Singapore, they’ve released it during the F1 Grand Prix last year. And over time, they’re increasing the number of places where you can purchase this non-alcoholic beer in Singapore.


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By March 2019, you’re supposed to be able to find this everywhere, including supermarkets, salad bars, and more.

#ThirstyThursday: How It Taste?

If you can’t tell, the subheading is supposed to rhyme.

But anyway, since it’s Thursday, the day we sacrifice our calories and taste buds for you readers, let’s tell you how the drink taste.

It tastes exactly like beer, and it’s not just a person’s POV: everyone who tries it agrees.

That fizziness, that bitterness and the smell of beer, everything’s in the package.

We handed this bottle to one of our colleagues (who don’t read labels despite the big “alc 0.0 vol” on the bottle) and she thought it was real beer.

In fact, she was staggering a little bit when we saw her two hours later.

That’s how real it was.

So if you happen to love beer because of the taste (and not the alcohol kick), this is the drink for you.

Plus, it only has 69 calories so you can drink all the beer you want, and not get tipsy or fat.

Rating: 4/5 stars.

I’m taking 1 star away because, well, if you’re someone who drinks beer for that burn, well, the only thing you’ll be drowning in is calories. #NotMyWords #WordsOfAnAlcoholicFriend

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