Mount Elizabeth Novena is one of Singapore’s more upscale hospitals.

According to a Straits Times article, a single-bed ward costs S$640 per day.

That said, hospital wear, even for the more upscale establishments, might not offer the most savvy fashion choices.

Here are some pictures of their hospital gowns.

Image from Mount Elizabeth

It’s mostly your typical hospital wear.

One Reddit user however, decided to inject a bit of streetwear vibes into the outfit.


But first, let’s look at regular streetwear.

R/Streetwear mainly showcases, well, interesting variations of streetwear.

Like such.

Image from r/Streetwear
Image from r/Streetwear

One contributor, u/geometrieva, though, didn’t even have to hit the streets to showcase her streetwear.

Here is her outfit.

Image from r/Streetwear

You can see the Mount Elizabeth logo on the top left hand of the gown.

The outfit received quite the response, garnering over 16,000 upvotes in less than a day.

How to get her style

Image from r/Streetwear

And while the belt looks mighty familiar to army individuals, it’s just something that really looks like it.

Image from r/streetwear

Also, you have to be hospitalised (not recommended) because they won’t let you take it out.


Image from r/Streetwear, geometrieva’s Instagram