The nightlife scene in Singapore is pretty big and recently, it just got a whole lot bigger.

Apart from the common nightclubs scattered around Clarke Quay, Singaporeans will be glad to know that the highly-anticipated Marquee Singapore has finally been launched last Friday on 12 April 2019.

Having built its brand in New York City, Las Vegas and Sydney, this is the first time they’re opening their doors to Asia.

Image: Marquee Singapore

Located strategically at Marina Bay Sands, the luxurious club is a must-visit for frequent clubbers. Want to be the most in kid in town?

Marquee Singapore is where you want to be. To launch with a bang, famous DJs such as Tiësto, Showtek and Afrojack along with many others have been invited to perform on various days. Of course, entry requires tickets which have been selling like hotcakes.

Apart from the star-studded performances and Instagram-worthy interior, Marquee Singapore has been the talk of the town because get this, it is the biggest nightclub (twice the size of Zouk!) and accommodates the following:

  • Three-storey-high slide
  • Photobooth
  • And an entire Ferris wheel

Some say it’s only a matter of time before the rides are puked-stained but I’m pretty sure the staff stationed at each ride will ensure visitors a certain degree of sober. Or is it absolutely free-for-all? Pay Marquee a visit to have your answer.

Image: Business Insider

Humans are known to lose control of themselves when alcohol is involved, especially for those who drink more than they can handle. This is no wonder why fights are prevalent in bars and nightclubs.

Image: Giphy

Boom Boom Pow

As mentioned earlier, Marquee Singapore is the most extravagant nightclub locally hence, sightings of local and foreign celebrities are not entirely unexpected.

My heart tends to skip a beat when I see my favorite celeb but for some others, they don’t care if you’re famous or not; they are not one to be trifled with.

Unfortunately for Mediacorp actor Shane Pow, he was sent to the hospital after sustaining injuries from another club-goer at Marquee Singapore on 12 April last week during the grand opening of the nightclub as reported by The Straits Times.

So yes, for those of you who were saying things like “partying the night before an important event”, you’re wrong. He partied two nights before that.

He was together with his girlfriend, Kimberly Wang, a 987FM DJ and his friends.

Image: Shane Pow/ Instagram

According to The Straits Times, the incident was first reported by Channel 8 News who mentioned that the 29-year-old “bumped into a fellow patron at the club and accidentally spilled a drink on the patron’s shoes.”

According to reports, Pow had apologised but the patron wasn’t having any of it.

It must be one heck of an expensive pair of shoes.

On the day of the incident, the Police had received a reported case of rash act causing hurt at Marina Bay Sands at 2.08 a.m.. Investigations are still ongoing at the time of writing.

Pow discharged from Hospital

The New Paper mentioned that Pow “suffered a cut to his head from the attack” and was sent to Singapore General Hospital conscious before transferring to another Hospital where he stayed for 1 to 2 days.

As he was discharged yesterday, Pow did not attend the Star Awards Ceremony.

But it’s okay: he didn’t win anything anyways #justsaying

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