Taiwan is known for many things.

Their bubble teas.

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Taiwan meimeis.

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And of course, their night markets.

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Of which, the Shilin Night Market is probably the most well-known of them all.

But what if I tell you, without paying at least $600 for two to go to Taiwan? And nope, it doesn’t involved airfare deals.

Instead, Shilin Night Market is coming to you.

Lest you’ve forgotten, here’s a reminder about this.

Shilin Concept Night Market At Turf Club

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For the coming two weekends, 19-21 Apr and 26-28 Apr, there’s a Shilin concept pasar malam happening at the Singapore Turf Club at Carpark B.

Occupying a 200,000 square feet space (which is the size of almost 3 standard soccer fields), the organisers promise an exciting night of eat, shop, play, fun.

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More Than 300 Booths With Five Different Dining Zones

What’s the number one thing you do at a Taiwanese night market? Eat, of course!

The pasar malam will feature five different dining zones with enough space for 3,000 people.

There will be more than 300 booths selling food, drinks and artisanal products you want to bring back home.

Other than the usual stinky tofu, XXL chicken cutlet and all sorts of Taiwanese goodies, there will be exclusive cuisines launched at the event.

Like Gong Cha’s Tokidoki drinks.

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Hot Star’s mala-flavoured chicken chop (because nothing’s better than mala), cream puffs from Kazo and even popular Taiwanese peanut ice cream rolls by local food blogger, MissTamChiak.

And the most interesting part of the night market?

Each weekend will see a different lineup of Taiwan and Singapore vendors so even if you go back the next weekend, you won’t be bored.

But, if you’re thinking of taking the week to consider if you want to buy something, it might be gone the next week.

Super fun arcade games

It’s not just eating and shopping.

Image: Invade Facebook Page

There are arcade games at the event for you to play to your heart’s content too.

Including a human claw machine. Cool.

Live Music Performances 

Now, what’s a night market without some fanfare? Not a night market at all, that’s what.

Which is why you can look forward to live performances by local mandopop artists.

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The performances will take place over the two weekends from 6 to 10.30 pm. 

How To Get There

For those who don’t own a car of their own, don’t worry.

It’s just a three-minute walk from Kranji MRT station.

Image: shilin.sg

There are even shuttle bus services from Bugis, $3.20 per pax via Klook, and a free bus service from Carros Centre.

The free shuttle bus service comes by every 30 minutes.

So what are you waiting for? Time to make some plans for the weekend liao~

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