A pair of Hong Kong celebrities were recently embroiled in a scandal where two parties were caught cheating and implicating their celebrity partners.

If you are following the story because it is all over the media, but can’t quite keep up because the details have been all over the place, we’ve got it sorted out for you.

Here’s a summary about what happened so far.

Who’s involved?

Andy Hui

Andy Hui is a veteran 51-year-old singer who was once named as one of the second generation Heavenly Kings along with Hacken Lee, Leo Ku, and Edmond Leung.

One of his famous hits is Who Else Can I Love? (我還能愛誰).

Photo from Sun Entertainment Culture website.

Jacqueline Wong

Jacqueline Wong, 31, was the first runner-up of Miss Hong Kong 2012.

Following her win, she was signed as a TVB artiste.

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She has been acting in supporting roles in TVB dramas since 2013.

Wong got together with fellow TVB actor Kenneth Ma after working together in the drama Inspector Gourmet in 2016.

In fact, there are two upcoming dramas starring Wong as the first female lead — The Maid Alliance and Finding Her Voice — which are likely to be put on hold due to this scandal.

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Sammi Cheng

Sammi Cheng, 46, has been coined as the Queen of Cantopop and one of the most popular Hong Kong artistes in Asia.

Some of her popular hits include a duet with Hui, Do You Really Have Me In Your Heart?(其實你心裡有沒有我), Missing You (捨不得你) and Worth It (值得).

Cheng is a very successful actress as well who was previously in Love In A Diet with Andy Lau, Wu Yen with Anita Mui, and My Left Eye Sees Ghosts with Sean Lau.

Cheng has been on and off in a relationship with Hui since 1991 after recording their duet, Do You Really Have Me In Your Heart?.

Cheng officially broke up with Hui in 2004 and she was also reported to have suffered from serious weight loss and depression.

Cheng and Hui got back together after seven years and got engaged in 2013.

Following their marriage, Cheng and Hui’s long-running and tumultuous relationship was described as “the ultimate fairy tale in Hong Kong” by Hong Kong actor-comedian Dayo Wong.

Kenneth Ma

Kenneth Ma, a 45-year-old actor, rose to fame as one of the lead TVB stars after working hard for many years.

Besides being a hardworking actor, he has been well-loved for being a frugal and family-oriented man.

However, it was reported that Ma ditched his frugal lifestyle to woo Wong.

Some of the dramas that he has starred in include, Triumph In The Skies, The Four, On Call 36 Hours I and On Call 36 Hours II, and The Exorcist’s Meter.

What happened?

Hui has been married to superstar Cheng for almost five years, while Wong has been in a relationship with Ma for almost three years.

Cheng and Wong also appeared to be friends as Cheng addressed Wong as “BB” in an Instagram post of them working out together in 2018.

Ma has starred in Hui’s music video 18 years ago.

It was reported that Wong has made advances towards Hui two years ago after failing to attract the president of Hui’s managing agency, Sun Entertainment Culture Limited.

Apparently, Cheng might have sensed something amiss since 2018, as she made a surprise visit to Hui’s company gym where Wong gained access to after befriending Hui.

Both Cheng and Ma are very well-liked in Hong Kong and abroad for their professionalism and positive image, which inevitably triggered much hullabaloo after the exposé.

On the flip side, Wong has been plagued by scandals since her debut in TVB, which include being the cause of veteran actor Lawrence Ng’s divorce.

The exposé

Hui and Wong were caught cheating on their partners after Hong Kong publication Apple Daily released a 16-minute video clip of them acting intimately in a taxi.

The footage appeared to have been taken after a gathering on April 3 and there was another friend named Ken in the taxi initially.

Ken is a close friend of Cheng.

He had allegedly made several attempts at preventing Hui from acting with impropriety and even forced himself into the taxi with Hui and Wong.

While Ken was in the taxi, Hui and Wong were filmed to be holding hands discreetly.

Ken wanted to send either of them off, but was rejected by both of them so he got off the taxi first.

Wong and Hui eventually got off the taxi together at Wong’s place.

How did Apple Daily get the video clip?

It was rumoured that the taxi driver offered to sell the footage to Hui at HKD500,000 (around S$86,393) initially, but they did not strike a deal.

As such, both Hui and Wong were already aware and could have been prepared for this video leak.

The footage was later sold to Apple Daily at HKD400,000 (around S$69,114) which was then released on April 16, 2019.

Wong was reported to have disabled her Instagram comment section before the news report.


Hours after the news report, Hui held a press conference in the evening of April 16 at 7pm.

He apologised to Cheng and expressed his remorse, calling himself a “damaged person”.

Hui will be halting all work activities, which might include his upcoming concert in September.

Wong later posted an apology on Instagram on April 17.

At 5pm on April 17, Ma also took a break from filming and spoke up for his girlfriend, Wong.

However, Ma did not give a reply when asked if he will forgive Wong.

HK actor Kenneth Ma worried for people implicated in TVB actress girlfriend’s cheating saga

Outsiders were worried if this incident will trigger Cheng’s depression again as she was reported to be closing off from outsiders.

Cheng’s Facebook cover photo was replaced with a black image following Hui’s press conference.

Cheng was also reported to have left the home that she and Hui occupied to stay with her family temporarily.

Her record label has halted all work arrangements for Cheng to take a break.

On April 18, Cheng posted on her Instagram addressing the scandal — two days after it broke.

She expressed her support for Hui, as she took this incident as an important lesson for both of them.

Sammi Cheng’s statement on Andy Hui scandal: Marriage is about forgiveness & accepting flaws

This response from Cheng garnered mixed reactions from commenters, but has somewhat put the matter to rest.

Friends & followers leave 43,000 mostly supportive comments on Sammi Cheng’s Instagram

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