During emergencies, it is difficult to think straight and keep a cool head. It is common for people to panic because of the overwhelming events. Thankfully, there are still people who are kind enough to reach out with a helping hand to those who need it.

In a viral Facebook post, netizen Mi Ke (米克shared his experience with a kind Grab driver. Mi Ke said that he received an urgent call regarding his son in school. Apparently, the son hit and hurt his head in an accident at school. Mi Ke took emergency leave from work to fetch his son and take him to the doctor for a closer check-up.

He booked a Grab ride from work to fetch his son. The Grab driver, a certain Mr. Ang, sensed the urgency of the situation. When they arrived at the school to fetch the son, Mr. Ang offered to take the father and the injured son directly to the hospital. He said it would be more convenient for them since they no longer have to book and wait for another ride.

Facebook screengrab

When they arrived at the hospital, Mi Ke offered to pay Mr. Ang an extra fee for his services, but Mr. Ang refused.

Netizens praised the driver for his compassion and for not taking advantage of a father and son in need. Other commenters wished that good karma would fall on the driver for his kind act. A user suggested that Mi Ke leave a tip for the driver using the app. But, what the situation teaches is perhaps there really is no price for kindness.

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