Marble Cafe In Bangkok Has Beautiful Outdoor Gardens To Match Its Luxurious AF Interior

When in Bangkok, we often binge on food and hoard retail goods because of the favourable exchange rate.

You may feel crazy rich whilst shopping at Thailand’s famous night markets, but you’ll definitely feel like royalty inside this marble cafe in the city.


The establishment boasts of a marble-laden interior, an extravagant outdoor garden and a surprisingly affordable menu.


Let’s have a sneak peek at this cafe that would put most alabaster palaces to shame.

Interior with an exquisite marble finish

The cafe is entirely made out of imported marble and it looks luxurious not just from the outside, but on the inside too.


Marble-laden interiors have graced the halls of Bangkok’s best-known temples, so if you wanted to hang out in a cafe that mimics a dining room for kings, then this is the place to be.


You might’ve spent long nights at local cafes cramming work, but now you can feel like a crazy rich employee while fielding calls from your boss and clients.


Feel free to hangout and catch up with friends while enjoying good ol’ coffee on this sofa surrounded by round marble tables and seats.


Stunning outdoor marble garden

If you prefer enjoying a cup of coffee in the great outdoors, then we’ve got awesome news for you! Marble Cafe comes with a stunning garden that features marble steps and scenic miniature ponds.


Just imagine basking in the glow of the sun on these interestingly cut lounge chairs beside their outdoor pool. All you’ll need is to pair your sunbathing experience with a glass of classic iced Thai milk tea while perched on these reclined marble chairs.


Kids looking inside ponds to find fishes will discover marble statues staring right back at them instead.


There’s no need to worry about running out of outdoor seats because several stone benches are scattered across the property.


This means that no matter where you turn, you’ll easily be able to get your money’s worth of pics for the ‘gram.

Affordable coffee & desserts

There’s no denying that the cafe’s exterior looks like a majestic palace garden. Prices for luxurious experiences may seem sky high, but you’ll find that the cafe’s menu is very much affordable.

Start your morning coffee runs with their lattes, espresso, Americano coffee and Nitro coffee from S$2.17 (50 Baht).


Not a coffee person? No problem. You can choose from smoothies, teas and sodas — along with a classic crisp brown toasted bread for breakfast.


Dessert lovers can take their pick from their assorted set of cheesecakes, tarts, fruit cakes and brownies from S$6.29 (145 Baht).


Their mousse cakes appear to be made by gifted pastry chefs and we can’t wait to munch on these heavenly pink entremets.


This cherry pink raspberry mousse cake is their signature treat that will surely satisfy your sugar cravings.


How to get there

Marble Cafe is just a 17-min taxi ride from Suvarnabhumi International Airport.

You can tell your driver to take you to “Stone Gallery”, and you’ll be within walking distance of the cafe.

The cafe is near Airport Link Hua Mak and Hua Mak Railway Station.

Look out for a small establishment beside Bangkok Stone Gallery. Parking is also available if you’ll be driving there.

Mirror Cafe

Address: 566 Srinakarin Road, Suanluang Bangkok, Thailand 10250
Opening Hours: Mon to Sat, 9:00am to 6:00pm, closed on Sunday.
Contact No: 02-7204732-4

If you’re going to Bangkok for a short vacation and craving a little of life’s luxuries, a short stay in this cafe is all you need.

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